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Observer performance methodologies for evaluating blood vessel visibility in MR angiograms using accurate geometric registration to high resolution x-ray angiograms.

BE Chapman, AR Sanderson, KC Goodrich, AL Alexander, DD Blatter, DL Parker

Magn Reson Med | Published : 1997


Receiver operator characteristic (ROC) and two alternative forced choice (2AFC) methodologies for quantitatively assessing vessel visibility in MR angiography (MRA) were examined using x-ray angiography images as truth. The methodologies required MRA projection images with the same orientation and magnification as the x-ray images. Geometric distortions limited the quality of the registration. The observer performance measurements were compared to vessel contrast-to-noise ratio (CNR) measurements. Receiver bandwidth (RBW) and magnetization transfer (MT) effects in 3D time-of-flight MRA were evaluated. Overall, applying MT significantly increased all three measurements while decreasing the RB..

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