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Concurrent lipidomics and proteomics on malignant plasma cells from multiple myeloma patients: Probing the lipid metabolome

Ahmed Mohamed, Joel Collins, Hui Jiang, Jeffrey Molendijk, Thomas Stoll, Federico Torta, Markus R Wenk, Robert J Bird, Paula Marlton, Peter Mollee, Kate A Markey, Michelle M Hill



BACKGROUND: Multiple myeloma (MM) is a hematological malignancy characterized by the clonal expansion of malignant plasma cells. Though durable remissions are possible, MM is considered incurable, with relapse occurring in almost all patients. There has been limited data reported on the lipid metabolism changes in plasma cells during MM progression. Here, we evaluated the feasibility of concurrent lipidomics and proteomics analyses from patient plasma cells, and report these data on a limited number of patient samples, demonstrating the feasibility of the method, and establishing hypotheses to be evaluated in the future. METHODS: Plasma cells were purified from fresh bone marrow aspirates us..

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University of Melbourne Researchers


Awarded by Australian Research Council

Funding Acknowledgements

This project was funded, in part, by an Australian Cancer Research Foundation Grant "Diamantina Individualized Oncology Care Centre" (to MMH, P Marlton and P Mollee). Lipidomics method development and analyses were enabled by a Translational Research Institute Spore Grant to MMH, Australian Research Council Discovery Project (DP160100224, to MMH and MRW). MMH was supported by an Australian Research Council Future Fellowship (FT120100251). KAM and JC are Queensland Health Junior Research Fellows. The funders played no role in the study design, data collection, analysis, decision to publish or preparation of the manuscript.