Conference Proceedings

Evaluation of quantitative measures of breast tissue density from mammography with truth from MRI data

XH Wang, BE Chapman, CA Britton, SK Golla, LP Wallace, WF Good

Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering | Published : 2003


Breast tissue density is one of the most cited risk factors in breast cancer development. Nevertheless, estimates of the magnitude of breast cancer risk associated with density vary substantially because of the inadequacy of methods used in tissue density assessment (e.g., subjective and/or qualitative assessment) and lack of a reliable gold standard. We have developed automated algorithms for quantitatively measuring breast composition from digitized mammograms. The results were compared to objective truth as determined by quantitative measures from breast MR images, as well as to subjective truth as determined by radiologists' readings from digitized mammograms using BI-RAD standards. High..

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