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Pairing Symmetries for Euclidean and Spherical Frameworks

K Clinch, A Nixon, B Schulze, W Whiteley

Discrete and Computational Geometry | Published : 2020


We consider the effect of symmetry on the rigidity of bar-joint frameworks, spherical frameworks and point-hyperplane frameworks in Rd. In particular, for a graph G= (V, E) and a framework (G, p), we show that, under forced or incidental symmetry, infinitesimal rigidity for spherical frameworks with vertices in some subset X⊂ V realised on the equator and point-hyperplane frameworks with the vertices in X representing hyperplanes are equivalent. We then show, again under forced or incidental symmetry, that infinitesimal rigidity properties under certain symmetry groups can be paired, or clustered, under inversion on the sphere so that infinitesimal rigidity with a given group is equivalent t..

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