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Structure of the bacterial type II NADH dehydrogenase: a monotopic membrane protein with an essential role in energy generation.

Adam Heikal, Yoshio Nakatani, Elyse Dunn, Marion R Weimar, Catherine L Day, Edward N Baker, J Shaun Lott, Leonid A Sazanov, Gregory M Cook

Molecular Microbiology | Published : 2014


Non-proton pumping type II NADH dehydrogenase (NDH-2) plays a central role in the respiratory metabolism of bacteria, and in the mitochondria of fungi, plants and protists. The lack of NDH-2 in mammalian mitochondria and its essentiality in important bacterial pathogens suggests these enzymes may represent a potential new drug target to combat microbial pathogens. Here, we report the first crystal structure of a bacterial NDH-2 enzyme at 2.5 Å resolution from Caldalkalibacillus thermarum. The NDH-2 structure reveals a homodimeric organization that has a unique dimer interface. NDH-2 is localized to the cytoplasmic membrane by two separated C-terminal membrane-anchoring regions that are essen..

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