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A Bimodal Extension of the Exponential Distribution with Applications in Risk Theory

Jimmy Reyes, Emilio Gómez-Déniz, Héctor W Gómez, Enrique Calderín-Ojeda

Symmetry | MDPI AG


There are some generalizations of the classical exponential distribution in the statistical literature that have proven to be helpful in numerous scenarios. Some of these distributions are the families of distributions that were proposed by Marshall and Olkin and Gupta. The disadvantage of these models is the impossibility of fitting data of a bimodal nature of incorporating covariates in the model in a simple way. Some empirical datasets with positive support, such as losses in insurance portfolios, show an excess of zero values and bimodality. For these cases, classical distributions, such as exponential, gamma, Weibull, or inverse Gaussian, to name a few, are unable to explain data of thi..

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