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Heat Stress and Goat Welfare: Adaptation and Production Considerations

Veerasamy Sejian, Mullakkalparambil V Silpa, Mini R Reshma Nair, Chinnasamy Devaraj, Govindan Krishnan, Madiajagan Bagath, Surinder S Chauhan, Rajendran U Suganthi, Vinicius FC Fonseca, Sven Koenig, John B Gaughan, Frank R Dunshea, Raghavendra Bhatta

ANIMALS | MDPI | Published : 2021


This review attempted to collate and synthesize information on goat welfare and production constraints during heat stress exposure. Among the farm animals, goats arguably are considered the best-suited animals to survive in tropical climates. Heat stress was found to negatively influence growth, milk and meat production and compromised the immune response, thereby significantly reducing goats' welfare under extensive conditions and transportation. Although considered extremely adapted to tropical climates, their production can be compromised to cope with heat stress. Therefore, information on goat adaptation and production performance during heat exposure could help assess their welfare. Suc..

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