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Adaptive immunity to human coronaviruses is widespread but low in magnitude

Hyon-Xhi Tan, Wen Shi Lee, Kathleen Wragg, Christina Nelson, Robyn Esterbauer, Hannah Kelly, Thakshila Amarasena, Robert Jones, Graham Starkey, Bao Zhong Wang, Osamu Yoshino, Thomas Tiang, Lindsay Grayson, Helen Opdam, Rohit D’Costa, Angela Vago, Laura Mackay, Claire Gordon, Adam Wheatley, Stephen Kent Show all

Published : 2021


Endemic human coronaviruses (hCoV) circulate worldwide but cause minimal mortality. Although seroconversion to hCoV is near ubiquitous during childhood, little is known about hCoV-specific T cell memory in adults. We quantified CD4 T cell and antibody responses to hCoV spike antigens in 42 SARS-CoV-2 uninfected individuals. T cell responses were widespread within conventional memory and cTFH compartments but did not correlate with IgG titres. SARS-CoV-2 cross-reactive T cells were observed in 48% of participants and correlated with HKU1 memory. hCoV-specific T cells exhibited a CCR6 + central memory phenotype in the blood, but were enriched for frequency and CXCR3 expression in human lung dr..

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