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Epigenetic Drift Association with Cancer Risk and Survival, and Modification by Sex

Chenglong Yu, Ee Ming Wong, Jihoon Eric Joo, Allison M Hodge, Enes Makalic, Daniel Schmidt, Daniel D Buchanan, Gianluca Severi, John L Hopper, Dallas R English, Graham G Giles, Melissa C Southey, Pierre-Antoine Dugue

CANCERS | MDPI | Published : 2021


To investigate age- and sex-specific DNA methylation alterations related to cancer risk and survival, we used matched case-control studies of colorectal (n = 835), gastric (n = 170), kidney (n = 143), lung (n = 332), prostate (n = 869) and urothelial (n = 428) cancers, and mature B-cell lymphoma (n = 438). Linear mixed-effects models were conducted to identify age-, sex- and age-by-sex-associated methylation markers using a discovery (controls)-replication (cases) strategy. Replication was further examined using summary statistics from Generation Scotland (GS). Associations between replicated markers and risk of and survival from cancer were assessed using conditional logistic regression and..

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Awarded by Australian NHMRC

Awarded by NHMRC

Funding Acknowledgements

MCCS cohort recruitment was funded by VicHealth and Cancer Council Victoria. The MCCS was further supported by Australian NHMRC grants 209057, 251553 and 504711 and by infrastructure provided by Cancer Council Victoria. The nested case-control methylation studies were supported by the NHMRC grants 1011618, 1026892, 1027505, 1050198, 1043616 and 1074383. This work was further supported by NHMRC grant 1164455. M.C.S. is a recipient of a Senior Research Fellowship from the NHMRC (GTN1155163).