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Osteocalcin and vascular function: is there a cross-talk?

Alexander Tacey, Alan Hayes, Anthony Zulli, Itamar Levinger



BACKGROUND: The bone-derived protein osteocalcin (OC), in its undercarboxylated (ucOC) form, has a beneficial effect on energy metabolism and may be a future therapeutic target for metabolic diseases. Increasing evidence suggests a link between ucOC and cardiovascular disease (CVD) development; however, the exact relationship is conflicting and unclear. SCOPE OF REVIEW: The aim of this review was to summarise the current research examining the interaction between OC and vascular dysfunction, the initiating stage in the development of atherosclerosis and CVD. MAJOR CONCLUSIONS: In humans, the association between OC and vascular function is inconsistent. Several studies report that total OC (t..

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