Journal article

Thermo-Driven Evaporation Self-Assembly and Dynamic Analysis of Homocentric Carbon Nanotube Rings.

Hu Li, Han Ouyang, Min Yu, Nan Wu, Xinxin Wang, Wen Jiang, Zhuo Liu, Jingjing Tian, Yiming Jin, Hongqin Feng, Yubo Fan, Zhou Li

Small | Published : 2017


MWCNTs self-assemble into various homocentric rings in a thermo-driven self-assembly system. Closely packed and scatteredly packed MWCNT rings self-assemble on a Si-SiO2 substrate, whereas on a Au substrate smoothly packed MWCNT rings, rings with waviness, and rings with shuttle-like holes are seen to self-assemble. The dynamic self-assembly process includes convection flow and swirling flow.

University of Melbourne Researchers