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Stria terminalis, amygdala, and temporoparietal junction networks facilitate efficient emotion processing under expectations

Ilvana Dzafic, Lena Oestreich, Andrew K Martin, Bryan Mowry, Hana Burianova

HUMAN BRAIN MAPPING | WILEY | Published : 2019


Rapid emotion processing is an ecologically essential ability for survival in social environments in which threatening or advantageous encounters dynamically and rapidly occur. Efficient emotion recognition is subserved by different processes, depending on one's expectations; however, the underlying functional and structural circuitry is still poorly understood. In this study, we delineate brain networks that subserve fast recognition of emotion in situations either congruent or incongruent with prior expectations. For this purpose, we used multimodal neuroimaging and investigated performance on a dynamic emotion perception task. We show that the extended amygdala structural and functional n..

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