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Diurnally forced convection in the australian monsoon

TP Lane, CL Vincent, M Jucker, M Bergemann, S Narsey

Multiscale Global Monsoon System, The | World Scientific Series on Asia-Pacific Weather and Climate | WORLD SCIENTIFIC | Published : 2021


The Australian monsoon features diverse multiscalar interactions that manifest as a variety of convective cloud features and modes of organization. Darwin is arguably the best studied and understood region affected by the Australian monsoon, being the focus of numerous international field programs and observational deployments. The monsoon near Darwin is affected considerably by intraseasonal variability, with five distinct regimes that have recently been identified through objective clustering methods. These regimes differ in the direction of the low-level wind, total column moisture, the latitudinal extent of the monsoon trough, the cloud cover, and the diurnal cycle of wind and precipitat..

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