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Diversity and Evolution of Novel Invertebrate DNA Viruses Revealed by Meta-Transcriptomics.

Ashleigh F Porter, Mang Shi, John-Sebastian Eden, Yong-Zhen Zhang, Edward C Holmes

Viruses | Published : 2019


DNA viruses comprise a wide array of genome structures and infect diverse host species. To date, most studies of DNA viruses have focused on those with the strongest disease associations. Accordingly, there has been a marked lack of sampling of DNA viruses from invertebrates. Bulk RNA sequencing has resulted in the discovery of a myriad of novel RNA viruses, and herein we used this methodology to identify actively transcribing DNA viruses in meta-transcriptomic libraries of diverse invertebrate species. Our analysis revealed high levels of phylogenetic diversity in DNA viruses, including 13 species from the Parvoviridae, Circoviridae, and Genomoviridae families of single-stranded DNA virus f..

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