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Changes in equine hindgut bacterial populations during oligofructose-induced laminitis

GJ Milinovich, DJ Trott, PC Burrell, AW van Eps, MB Thoefner, LL Blackall, RAM Al Jassim, JM Morton, CC Pollitt



In the horse, carbohydrate overload is thought to play an integral role in the onset of laminitis by drastically altering the profile of bacterial populations in the hindgut. The objectives of this study were to develop and validate microbial ecology methods to monitor changes in bacterial populations throughout the course of experimentally induced laminitis and to identify the predominant oligofructose-utilizing organisms. Laminitis was induced in five horses by administration of oligofructose. Faecal specimens were collected at 8 h intervals from 72 h before to 72 h after the administration of oligofructose. Hindgut microbiota able to utilize oligofructose were enumerated throughout the co..

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