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The use of 16S rDNA clone libraries to describe the microbial diversity of activated sludge communities

Linda L Blackall, Paul C Burrell, Heather Gwilliam, Debbie Bradford, Philip L Bond, Philip Hugenholtz

Water Science and Technology | IWA Publishing | Published : 1998


Clone libraries were prepared from polymerase chain reaction amplified 16S rDNAs from activated sludge community DNAs. Eight different libraries from a range of samples were prepared. From each library, up to 100 clones were examined. In some libraries, the clone inserts were grouped into operational taxonomic units (OTUs) by restriction enzyme analysis (REA). Then, either the clones or representatives of OTUs were partially sequenced using either 27f or 530f conserved bacterial primers. The sequence data was phylogenetically analysed to group the clones and the method currently gives the best insight into the activated sludge microbial community biodiversity. The method for clone library pr..

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