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Microbial distribution of Accumulibacter spp. and Competibacter spp. in aerobic granules from a lab-scale biological nutrient removal system

Romain Lemaire, Zhiguo Yuan, Linda L Blackall, Gregory R Crocetti



Granular sludge for simultaneous nitrification, denitrification and phosphorus removal (SNDPR) was generated and studied in a lab-scale sequencing batch reactor (SBR). The SBR was monitored for 450 days during which the biomass was transformed from flocs to granules, which persisted for the last 130 days of operation. Short sludge settling time was employed to successfully generate the granules, with the 10th and 90th percentiles of diameter being 0.7 and 1.6 mm respectively. Good phosphorus removal and nitrification occurred throughout the SBR operation but only when granules were generated were denitrification and full nutrient removal complete. Fluorescence in situ hybridization and oxyge..

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