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The validation of a Japanese language version of the postoperative quality of recovery scale: a prospective observational study

Koki Yamashita, Stuart Boggett, Yoshifumi Kodama, Isao Tsuneyoshi, Colin Royse



BACKGROUND: The Postoperative Quality of Recovery Scale (PostopQRS) is a survey-based tool that measures quality of the postoperative recovery in multiple domains over multiple time periods. The purpose of this study is to validate the Japanese version of the PostopQRS. METHODS: A prospective observational study using bilingual healthy volunteers was conducted in Australia to assess equivalence of the test values between the two languages. To assess the feasibility and discriminant validity of the PostopQRS in a Japanese population, an observational study was conducted on patients undergoing ear-nose-throat and orthopedic surgery in Japan, with measurements performed prior to surgery, 2 h, a..

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