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Electrophoretic and functional identification of two troponin C isoforms in toad skeletal muscle fibers.

Brett O'Connell, Ronnie Blazev, Gabriela MM Stephenson

Am J Physiol Cell Physiol | Published : 2006


The differential sensitivity of frog twitch and slow-tonic fibers to Ca(2+) and Sr(2+) suggests that these two fiber types express different troponin C (TnC) isoforms. To date, only one TnC isoform from anurans (resembling the mammalian fast-twitch isoform) has been isolated and characterized. In this study, we examined the possibility that anuran striated muscle contains more than one TnC isoform. Toward this end, we determined the TnC isoform composition of 198 single fibers from the rectus abdominis of the cane toad (a mixed slow-tonic and twitch muscle) and of toad cardiac muscle using a method that enables the identification of TnC isoforms on the basis of the effect of Ca(2+) on their ..

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