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Effects of the PKA inhibitor H-89 on excitation-contraction coupling in skinned and intact skeletal muscle fibres.

R Blazev, M Hussain, AJ Bakker, SI Head, GD Lamb

J Muscle Res Cell Motil | Published : 2001


This study investigated the effects of the protein kinase A (PKA) inhibitor, H-89, in mechanically-skinned muscle fibres and intact muscle fibres, in order to determine whether PKA phosphorylation is essential for normal excitation-contraction (E-C) coupling. In skinned EDL fibres of the rat, force responses to depolarization (by ion substitution) were inhibited only slightly by 10 microM H-89, a concentration more than sufficient to fully inhibit PKA. Staurosporine (1 microM), a potent non-specific kinase inhibitor, also had little if any effect on depolarization-induced responses. At 1-2 microM, H-89 significantly slowed the repriming rate in rat skinned fibres, most likely due to it delet..

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