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Physiological Substrates and Ontogeny-Specific Expression of the Ubiquitin Ligases MARCH1 and MARCH8

Patrick Schriek, Haiyin Liu, Alan C Ching, Pauline Huang, Nishma Gupta, Kayla R Wilson, MinHsuang Tsai, Yuting Yan, Christophe F Macri, Laura F Dagley, Giuseppe Infusini, Andrew I Webb, Hamish McWilliam, Satoshi Ishido, Justine D Mintern, Jose A Villadangos

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory


ABSTRACTMARCH1 and MARCH8 are ubiquitin ligases that control the expression and trafficking of critical immunoreceptors. Understanding of their function is hampered by three major knowledge gaps: (i) it is unclear which cell types utilize these ligases; (ii) their level of redundancy is unknown; and (iii) most of their putative substrates have been described in cell lines, often overexpressing MARCH1 or MARCH8, and it is unclear which substrates are regulated by either ligase in vivo. Here we address these questions by systematically analyzing the immune cell repertoire of MARCH1- or MARCH8-deficient mice, and applying unbiased proteomic profiling of the plasma membrane of primary cells to i..

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