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Climate extremes dominating seasonal and interannual variations in carbon export from the Mississippi River Basin

H Tian, W Ren, J Yang, B Tao, WJ Cai, SE Lohrenz, CS Hopkinson, M Liu, Q Yang, C Lu, B Zhang, K Banger, S Pan, R He, Z Xue

Global Biogeochemical Cycles | Published : 2015


Knowledge about the annual and seasonal patterns of organic and inorganic carbon (C) exports from the major rivers of the world to the coastal ocean is essential for our understanding and potential management of the global C budget so as to limit anthropogenic modification of global climate. Unfortunately our predictive understanding of what controls the timing, magnitude, and quality of C export is still rudimentary. Here we use a process-based coupled hydrologic/ecosystem biogeochemistry model (the Dynamic Land Ecosystem Model) to examine how climate variability and extreme events, changing land use, and atmospheric chemistry have affected the annual and seasonal patterns of C exports from..

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