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Impacts of climate variability and extremes on global net primary production in the first decade of the 21st century

S Pan, H Tian, SRS Dangal, Z Ouyang, C Lu, J Yang, B Tao, W Ren, K Banger, Q Yang, B Zhang

Journal of Geographical Sciences | Published : 2015


A wide variety of studies have estimated the magnitude of global terrestrial net primary production (NPP), but its variations, both spatially and temporally, still remain uncertain. By using an improved process-based terrestrial ecosystem model (DLEM, Dynamic Land Ecosystem Model), we provide an estimate of global terrestrial NPP induced by multiple environmental factors and examine the response of terrestrial NPP to climate variability at biome and global levels and along latitudes throughout the first decade of the 21st century. The model simulation estimates an average global terrestrial NPP of 54.6 Pg C yr–1 during 2000–2009, varying from 52.8 Pg C yr–1 in the dry year of 2002 to 56.4 Pg..

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