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Effects of plant species on macrophyte decomposition under three nutrient conditions in a eutrophic shallow lake, North China

X Li, B Cui, Q Yang, Y Lan, T Wang, Z Han

Ecological Modelling | Published : 2013


Macrophyte decomposition can significantly influence aquatic carbon and nutrient cycling, especially in eutrophic shallow lakes, in which incomplete decomposition of detritus may lead to sediment accumulation and accelerate lake aging. In order to explore the role of macrophyte decomposition in lake terrestrialization, six major aquatic plants (two submerged, two floating, and two emergent species) in Lake Baiyangdian were investigated in this study. Detritus of these species were placed at three sites with different pollution intensities to investigate the contributions of plant species, site nutrient condition, and their interactions on detritus decomposition. Detritus decomposition was re..

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