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High temperature primary battery for Venus surface missions

DE Glass, JP Jones, AV Shevade, D Bhakta, E Raub, R Sim, RV Bugga

Journal of Power Sources | Published : 2020


The hostile environment of high temperature and CO2 pressure has limited previous Venus surface mission durations to less than 2 h giving only a glimpse of the Venus surface, despite the use of considerable insulation, phase-change materials, and similar heat sinks to isolate the payload and avionics from high surface temperatures. NASA has initiated studies to develop new power technologies that can tolerate the high Venus surface temperature of 465 °C and pressure of 92 bar, and operate for future long-duration Venus landers and probes. Such in-situ investigations are crucial to gather basic information on the crust, mantle, core, and bulk composition of Venus for understanding the evoluti..

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