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Differential gene expression of tumor-infiltrating CD4( )T cells in advanced versus early stage colorectal cancer and identification of a gene signature of poor prognosis

Varun Sasidharan Nair, Reem Saleh, Rowaida Z Taha, Salman M Toor, Khaled Murshed, Ayman A Ahmed, Mohamed A Kurer, Mohamed Abu Nada, Fares Al Ejeh, Eyad Elkord



Tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs) play indispensable roles in the progression and response to treatment of solid tumors. However, the prognostic significance of CD4+ TILs is not fully disclosed in cancers generally and in CRC in particular, mainly due to the existence of different functional subsets of CD4+ T cells. We performed transcriptomic profiling of CD4+ TILs isolated from CRC patients in order to identify differentially expressed genes and their functional pathways in early versus advanced disease stages. We found that in advanced stages, genes related to immune and inflammatory responses, in particular Th1-mediated immune response and cytotoxicity-mediated genes, were downregula..

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