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Blind spot in sepsis management - Tissue level changes in microcirculation.

G Xantus, P Allen, P Kanizsai

Physiol Int | Published : 2021


In sepsis cytokine-mediated inflammation, clotting cascade activation and glycocalyx shedding impair both function and structure of the microcirculation, compromising adequate tissue oxygenation/perfusion. Such mismatch results in "dysoxia", an imbalance in mitochondrial respiration.Microvessel injuries can be grouped into four types: cytotoxic oedema, micro-vessel heterogeneity, sluggish/absent flow, and focal anaemia. Recognition of such diversity in microcirculatory pathology, alongside with the implementation of novel biomarkers might reveal previously unobserved heterogeneity in adults diagnosed with sepsis. Early identification of distinct subtypes may help not only to better stratify ..

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