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Differential recognition of HIV-stimulated IL-1 beta and IL-18 secretion through NLR and NAIP signalling in monocyte-derived macrophages

Kathy Triantafilou, Christopher JK Ward, Magdalena Czubala, Robert G Ferris, Emma Koppe, Curt Haffner, Vincent Piguet, Vipulkumar K Patel, Heather Amrine-Madsen, Louise Modis, Seth L Masters, Martha Triantafilou



Macrophages are important drivers of pathogenesis and progression to AIDS in HIV infection. The virus in the later phases of the infection is often predominantly macrophage-tropic and this tropism contributes to a chronic inflammatory and immune activation state that is observed in HIV patients. Pattern recognition receptors of the innate immune system are the key molecules that recognise HIV and mount the inflammatory responses in macrophages. The innate immune response against HIV-1 is potent and elicits caspase-1-dependent pro-inflammatory cytokine production of IL-1β and IL-18. Although, NLRP3 has been reported as an inflammasome sensor dictating this response little is known about the p..

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