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Corrigendum to “Superior titanium from hybridised microstructures – a new strategy for future alloys” [Scr. Mater. 173 (2019) 61–65](S1359646219304397)(10.1016/j.scriptamat.2019.07.031)

A Zafari, K Xia

Scripta Materialia | Published : 2021


We regret to have found some inaccurate and/or missing information in our original publication and would like to make the following corrections. 1. The first sentence in the fourth paragraph should read "Plasma atomised Ti-64 (50 wt%) and Ti-5553 powders (both 15–45 μm with D10 = 22, D50 = 35 and D90 = 46 μm) were blended by stirring at 300 rpm for 3–6 h." to reflect the range of stirring times used (there was no effect on the SLM microstructure).2. The point distance and exposure time used to print the samples for post-SLM heat treatment (HT) are missing. These different values produced the same as-SLM microstructure and did not affect the outcome following HT. This information is added to ..

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