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Association of Adult Socioeconomic Status with Body Mass Index: A Within- and Between-Twin Study.

Samuel JC Crofts, Janine Lam, Katrina J Scurrah, Gillian S Dite

Twin Research and Human Genetics | Published : 2021


Adult socioeconomic status (SES) has been consistently associated with body mass index (BMI), but it is unclear whether it is linked to BMI independently of childhood SES or other potentially confounding factors. Twin studies can address this issue by implicitly controlling for childhood SES and unmeasured confounders. This co-twin control study used cross-sectional data from Twins Research Australia's Health and Lifestyle Questionnaire (N = 1918 twin pairs). We investigated whether adult SES, as measured by both the Index of Relative Socioeconomic Disadvantage (IRSD) and the Australian Socioeconomic Index 2006 (AUSEI06), was associated with BMI after controlling for factors shared by twins ..

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