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Variation in the seventh lumbar vertebra and the lumbosacral junction morphometry associated with the sacrocaudal fusion in greyhounds

Sa'ad MY Ismail, Christina M Murray, Mark A Stevenson, Yen Hung-Hsun, Helen MS Davies



The lumbosacral joint is where the 7th lumbar vertebra (L.7) articulates within the sacrum. It is a clinically important area in the dog because of its relatively large range of motion. The current study aims to determine the possible differences in the length of the L.7 vertebra and the angle of the lumbosacral junction among greyhounds of standard and those of fused sacra, and to determine the potential association of sex, body mass and type of fused sacrum (standard and fused) on the morphology of the L.7 vertebra and the angle of the lumbosacral junction. Radiographs of 55 greyhound cadavers were used for radiographing; all radiographic images were stored and measured using X-ray acquisi..

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Funding Acknowledgements

Melbourne International Research Scholarship (MIRS) from The University of Melbourne, Australia supported the study.