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Discovery and fine mapping of Rph28: a new gene conferring resistance to Puccinia hordei from wild barley.

M Mehnaz, P Dracatos, A Pham, T March, A Maurer, K Pillen, K Forrest, T Kulkarni, M Pourkheirandish, RF Park, D Singh

Theoretical and Applied Genetics: international journal of plant breeding research | Published : 2021


KEY MESSAGE: A new gene Rph28 conferring resistance to barley leaf rust was discovered and fine-mapped on chromosome 5H from wild barley. Leaf rust is a highly destructive disease of barley caused by the fungal pathogen Puccinia hordei. Genetic resistance is considered to be the most effective, economical and eco-friendly approach to minimize losses caused by this disease. A study was undertaken to characterize and fine map a seedling resistance gene identified in a Hordeum vulgare ssp. spontaneum-derived barley line, HEB-04-101, that is broadly effective against a diverse set of Australian P. hordei pathotypes. Genetic analysis of an F3 population derived from a cross between HEB-04-101 and..

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