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Recent advances in carbon dioxide capture and utilization with amines and ionic liquids

Yuxin Wu, Jianhong Xu, Kathryn Mumford, Geoffrey W Stevens, Weiyang Fei, Yundong Wang

Green Chemical Engineering | Elsevier BV | Published : 2020


Global warming and climate change due to anthropogenic carbon dioxide (CO2) have aroused significant concerns at the global scale due to rapid economic growth in industries and other fields. Therefore, CO2 capture, use, and storage have become particularly important. In this review, general background and methods for CO2 capture and separation, in particular, on ionic liquids (ILs)-based solvents and materials, are discussed. Comprehensive surveys of ILs for CO2 absorption are presented, which focused mainly on experimental researches, and then the concept is extended to functionalized absorbents and recent developments for CO2 capture. Major advantages and disadvantages of amines-based and ..

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