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Brief intermittent pressure off-loading on skin microclimate in healthy adults - A descriptive-correlational pilot study.

Caroline Borzdynski, Charne Miller, Don Vicendese, William McGuiness

Journal of Tissue Viability | Published : 2021


AIM: This study examined microclimate changes to the skin as a result of pressure over a 1 h period. The results were compared to skin parameter results following brief consecutive off-loading of pressure-prone areas. DESIGN: A descriptive-correlational pilot study was undertaken. METHOD: A convenience sample of 41 healthy adults aged 18-60 years was recruited. Participants engaged in four 1 h data collection sessions. The sessions were conducted in both semi-recumbent and supine positions. Measures of erythema, melanin, stratum corneum hydration, and skin temperature were taken at pressure-prone areas at baseline and after 1 h in an uninterrupted method (continuous pressure-loading) and eve..

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