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Wet Cough in Children: Infective and Inflammatory Characteristics in Broncho-Alveolar Lavage

Danielle F Wurzel, Julie M Marchant, Julia E Clark, I Brent Masters, Stephanie T Yerkovich, John W Upham, Anne B Chang



Wet cough is a common feature of many disease processes affecting children. Our aim was to examine the relationships between cough nature, lower airway infection (bacterial, viral, and viral-bacterial) and severity of neutrophilic airway inflammation. We hypothesized that viral-bacterial co-infection of the lower airway would be associated with wet cough and heightened neutrophilic airway inflammation. We prospectively recruited 232 children undergoing elective flexible bronchoscopy. Participants were grouped using a cough nature symptom-based approach, into wet, dry or no cough groups. Broncho-alveolar lavage (BAL) and clinical data, including presence, nature, and duration of cough and key..

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