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A Case for Early Bronchoscopic Airway Assessment After Disc Battery Ingestion

Danielle F Wurzel, I Brent Masters, Kelvin L Choo, Alan F Isles



Disc battery ingestion in children is becoming increasingly common with the proliferation of small battery-powered electronic devices. In the case of esophageal impaction, the likelihood and severity of complications are proportionate to the time between ingestion and removal. Tracheo-esophageal fistulae (TOF) are a recognized complication and can be life-threatening. We describe an interesting case of disc battery ingestion with delayed recognition of a TOF. We document the tracheal mucosal healing process of a large airway defect and describe the role of bronchoscopy in guiding the timing of surgical intervention. This case highlights the important role of early bronchoscopic assessment in..

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