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Management of Primary Retroperitoneal Sarcoma (RPS) in the Adult: An Updated Consensus Approach from the Transatlantic Australasian RPS Working Group

Carol J Swallow, Dirk C Strauss, Sylvie Bonvalot, Piotr Rutkowski, Anant Desai, Rebecca A Gladdy, Ricardo Gonzalez, David E Gyorki, Mark Fairweather, Winan J van Houdt, Eberhard Stoeckle, Jae Berm Park, Markus Albertsmeier, Carolyn Nessim, Kenneth Cardona, Marco Fiore, Andrew Hayes, Dimitri Tzanis, Jacek Skoczylas, Samuel J Ford Show all



BACKGROUND: Retroperitoneal soft tissue sarcomas comprise a heterogeneous group of rare tumors of mesenchymal origin that include several well-defined histologic subtypes. In 2015, the Transatlantic Australasian RPS Working Group (TARPSWG) published consensus recommendations for the best management of primary retroperitoneal sarcoma (RPS). Since then, through international collaboration, new evidence and knowledge have been generated, creating the need for an updated consensus document. METHODS: The primary aim of this study was to critically evaluate the current evidence and develop an up-to-date consensus document on the approach to these difficult tumors. The resulting document applies to..

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