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Characteristics of Effective-Medium-Clad Dielectric Waveguides

W Gao, WSL Lee, X Yu, M Fujita, T Nagatsuma, C Fumeaux, W Withayachumnankul

IEEE Transactions on Terahertz Science and Technology | Published : 2021


Effective-medium-clad dielectric waveguides are purely built into a single high-resistivity float-zone silicon wafer with their claddings defined by deep subwavelength perforations. The waveguides are substrate-free while supporting both E 11x and E 11y modes with low loss and low dispersion. This article extends the investigations of the waveguides by analyzing the dispersion, cross-polarization, and crosstalk together with the characteristics of bends and crossings over an operation frequency range of 220-330 GHz (WR-3 band). Taking the E 11x mode as an example, the experimental results show an average measured attenuation coefficient of 0.075 dB/cm and a group velocity dispersion ranging ..

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