Conference Proceedings

Dispersion in broadband terahertz photonic crystal waveguides employing Bragg-mirror suppression

D Headland, W Withayachumnankul, WSL Lee, M Fujita, T Nagatsuma

2020 IEEE International Conference on Computational Electromagnetics (ICCEM) | Published : 2020


Photonic crystal waveguides are a powerful means to construct circuits for the terahertz range due to efficient propagation and narrow field confinement. However, their functionality is partly limited by low available bandwidth due to Bragg mirror effects arising from periodic modulation of waveguide width. Previously, we have developed a broadband terahertz-range photonic crystal waveguide that suppresses Bragg mirror effects by reducing this modulation. Here, we characterize this waveguide's dispersion performance within a subset of its operation bandwidth, to verify its applicability to practical applications.