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High-Q Terahertz Absorber with Stable Angular Response

A Ebrahimi, RT Ako, WSL Lee, M Bhaskaran, S Sriram, W Withayachumnankul

IEEE Transactions on Terahertz Science and Technology | Published : 2020


This article presents a narrow-band terahertz absorber using miniaturized unit cells. The absorber is made of three metallic layers separated from each other using low-loss cyclic olefin copolymer as dielectric spacers. A high quality factor ($Q$) is obtained using a first-order resonating structure with additional capacitive loading formed by the top two metallic layers. A circuit model is developed for the analysis and design of the proposed absorber. The designed absorber shows $\text{1}\%$ fractional bandwidth for more than $\text{90}\%$ absorption around a center frequency of 0.5 THz under normal incidence angle. This is equivalent to a quality factor of $Q=3..

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