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Terahertz Reflectarray with Enhanced Bandwidth

X You, RT Ako, WSL Lee, MX Low, M Bhaskaran, S Sriram, C Fumeaux, W Withayachumnankul

Advanced Optical Materials | Published : 2019


Reflectarrays offer unique potential for beamforming at terahertz frequencies as they combine the advantages of low-profile of phased arrays and high-efficiency of parabolic antennas. However, one challenge associated with reflectarrays is their bandwidth limitation resulting from the nonlinear phase response. To enhance bandwidth, a single-layer stub-loaded resonator is proposed for constructing reflectarrays. This resonator design shows a smooth and near-linear phase response with a complete 360° phase coverage at and around the design frequency. To demonstrate its capability in realizing beamforming, a focusing reflectarray is then constructed using the proposed resonator as a building bl..

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