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How does calcium interact with the cytoskeleton to regulate growth cone motility during axon pathfinding?

Robert J Gasperini, Macarena Pavez, Adrian C Thompson, Camilla B Mitchell, Holly Hardy, Kaylene M Young, John K Chilton, Lisa Foa

Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience | Published : 2017


The precision with which neurons form connections is crucial for the normal development and function of the nervous system. The development of neuronal circuitry in the nervous system is accomplished by axon pathfinding: a process where growth cones guide axons through the embryonic environment to connect with their appropriate synaptic partners to form functional circuits. Despite intense efforts over many years to understand how this process is regulated, the complete repertoire of molecular mechanisms that govern the growth cone cytoskeleton and hence motility, remain unresolved. A central tenet in the axon guidance field is that calcium signals regulate growth cone behaviours such as ext..

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