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Rac GTPase regulation of 3D invasion in neuroblastomas lacking MYCN amplification.

Camilla B Mitchell, Geraldine M O'Neill

Cell Adhesion & Migration | Published : 2017


Neuroblastomas are highly invasive tumors that occur in pediatric patients and treatment of invasive disease remains a challenge. The study of cells invading in 3-dimensional (3D) hydrogels has revealed morphologically distinct modes of invasion by which cancer cells adapt to the local tissue environment in order to invade local tissue. Specifically, the small G protein Rac GTPase has been implicated as regulating the elongated/mesenchymal mode of cell invasion. In the present study we demonstrate an inverse association between Rac expression and amplification of MYCN, a well-established prognostic indicator in neuroblastoma. Moreover, the association further tracks with previously described..

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