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Light Detection in Open-Circuit Voltage Mode of Organic Photodetectors

M Kielar, T Hamid, M Wiemer, F Windels, L Hirsch, P Sah, AK Pandey

Advanced Functional Materials | Published : 2019


Organic photodetectors (OPDs) are promising candidates for next-generation light sensors as they combine unique material properties with high-level performance in converting photons into electrical signals. However, low-level light detection with OPD is often limited by device dark current. Here, the open-circuit voltage (V ) regime of OPDs is shown to be efficient for detecting low light signals (<100 µW cm ). It is established that the light-dependence of V exhibits two distinct regimes as function of irradiance: linear and logarithmic. Whereas the observed logarithmic regime is well understood in organic photovoltaic cells (OPVs), it is shown experimentally and theoretically that the lin..

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