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Photodetection efficiency enhancement of IR sensitive organic photodetectors via triplet energy transfer

T Hamid, SD Yambem, AK Pandey

Synthetic Metals | Published : 2019


Development of the low optical gap organic semiconductors that can emit and sense light in the near to mid IR is an important research area. Photodetection in the IR region comes with its unique challenges. As the optical gap is lowered, often a back electron transfer event from the charge-transfer state of triplet character ( CT) to the molecular triplet state (T1) of photoexcited donor works as a terminal loss channel. Here, we propose a new mechanism for enhancing free charge generation efficiency by attaining a desired control over the spin-dependent recombination pathways in low optical gap polymer-fullerene systems. In carefully designed organic cascades of Pentacene/C :PCPDTBT: 70-PCB..

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