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Biotreatment for the spent lithium-ion battery in a three-module integrated microbial-fuel-cell recycling system.

Tao Huang, Tao Junjun, Wanhui Liu, Dongping Song, Li-Xin Yin, Shuwen Zhang

Waste Management | Published : 2021


A bio-electrochemically (BE) recycling platform was assembled to recover Li and Co from the cathodic materials of spent LIBs in one integrated system. The BE platform consists of three microbial-fuel-cell (MFC) subsystems, including MFC-A, MFC-B, and MFC-C. Co and Li were smoothly recovered from the cathodic materials in the assembled platform. The initial pH and the loading ratios of LiCoO2 both significantly influenced the leaching efficiencies of Li and Co in MFC-A. Approximately 45% Li and 93% Co were simultaneously released through the reduction of LiCoO2 at the initial pH of 1 and the loading ratios of LiCoO2 of 0.2 g/L. The (NH4)2C2O4-modified granular activated carbons (GAC) with a t..

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