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Electrokinetics couples with the adsorption of activated carbon-supported hydroxycarbonate green rust that enhances the removal of Sr cations from the stock solution in batch and column

T Huang, SW Zhang, L Zhou, LF Liu

Separation and Purification Technology | Published : 2021


Activated carbon-supported hydroxycarbonate green rust (GR-AC) was prepared, characterized, and used to remove Sr ions from stock solutions. The electrokinetics coupling with the adsorption was further designed to enhance the uptake of Sr ions in the fixed-bed column. The adsorption capacities (mg/g) of GR-AC experienced a U-shaped change over the pH of 2–13 for each concentration of Sr . The equilibrium adsorption capacities for the adsorbent in the initial concentrations of Sr of 50, 100, 150, 200, and 250 mg/g were 48.36, 67.42, 73.25, 81.59, and 84.47, respectively. The pseudo-first-order and Elovich kinetic models were appropriate for modeling the adsorption of Sr onto the GR-AC in ..

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