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Conductive graphene-based E-textile for highly sensitive, breathable, and water-resistant multimodal gesture-distinguishable sensors

X Hu, T Huang, Z Liu, G Wang, D Chen, Q Guo, S Yang, Z Jin, JM Lee, G Ding

Journal of Materials Chemistry A | Published : 2020


Wearable tactile sensors that can perceive and respond to environmental stimuli can improve the health and even change the lifestyle of humans. However, traditional tactile sensors face many challenges in their practical application, such as flexibility, multi-functional integration, wearable comfort, and high sensitivity. Thus, herein, to solve these challenges, a hybrid copper particle-functionalized graphene textile (defined as graphene E-textile) is reported for the fabrication of multi-functional tactile sensors through a simple, scalable, and cost-effective approach with excellent electrical conductivity, softness, breathability, and wash-resistance. Moreover, the graphene E-textile-ba..

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