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Optimization analysis and mechanism exploration on the removal of cesium and the solidification of secondary residue wastes in electrokinetics

F Xiao, T Huang, S Zhang, L Liu, C Wang, G Peng, S He

Journal of Cleaner Production | Published : 2019


The fallout of the radioactive nuclide cesium (Cs) has posed its potential environmental threat to human health and ecosystem during the Fukushima accident. Thus, Cs decontamination from radioactive wastewater is strongly required for treating similar occurrences. In this work, a coupling method was applied to achieve Cs removal and solidification in one conducting system. Ammonium molybdophosphate (AMP) was loaded to blast furnace slag (BFS) particles for the preparation of adsorbent (BFS-AMP) and binder. The maximum adsorption capacity of BFS-AMP for Cs was 23.36 mg/g obtaining at the pH of 8 and the initial concentration of 500 mg/L in the equilibrium adsorption experiments. Cs uptake ..

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