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Combination of electrokinetics and nano zero-valent iron-based adsorption enhances Sb(V) removal from feed water in the batch and column mode processes

T Huang, L Liu, J Xu, S Zhang

Desalination and Water Treatment | Published : 2019


Disorder mining and massive consumption of Sb-bearing ores have caused a dramatic rise in the accumulation of Sb related pollution in China over the past decade. The combination of iron-based adsorption and electrokinetics was applied in the batch and column experiments to enhance removal of Sb(V) anions from the feed water. Activated carbon supported nano zero-valent iron (AC-nZVI) was prepared as the filling adsorbent for the adsorption experiments. The maximum monolayer-adsorption capacity of AC-nZVI was 20.49 mg/g according to the Langmuir isotherm results. Sufficient dose of adsorbent with sufficient dose and pH ranging from 4 to 5 were favored in the equilibrium adsorption. Electrokine..

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